Kontorsbyggnad helt i trä

White arkitekter har fått uppdraget att bygga Sveriges största kontorsbyggnad helt i trä.
De skiver följande på instagram: 
Happy to share this news with you - White will design Sweden’s largest office building in wood!

Magasin X in #Uppsala will cover 13 000 sqm and when completed in 2021 it will be LEED Platinum certified. This entails extremely effective energy systems and innovative solutions. The goal is to create a building with the smallest possible climate impact. As the actual construction process accounts for a very large portion of a project’s climate impact, it is important to ensure the building’s longevity and that it can adapt to new uses over time in a resource efficient manner. As such, Magasin X is designed with robust materials, many floors and a rational internal layout that can meet the tenants’ demands both now and in the future.

"Modern wood construction provides a unique opportunity to create sustainable and beautiful buildings. Wood is a sustainable material that helps to improve the indoor climate, enhances wellbeing and results in cost reductions and effectiveness during construction.”
Anders Tväråna, lead architect.
Instagram: whitearkitekter



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